About Us

Over 16 Years of Veterinary Experience


Your child's safety is our #1 priority!

Our safety policies have been designed to give parents peace of mind when trusting a others with the safety of their children.

  • Parent notifications are sent out via text at every pickup and drop-off.

  • KanDu Rides vehicles only make stops at pre-arranged destinations

  • Driver cannot leave vehicle unattended

  • Daily 15-step vehicle safety checks

  • All drivers go through Trustline Certification

  • KanDu Rides monitors driving records through the DMV's Employer Pull Notice Program

  • All drivers are enrolled in a random Drug/Alcohol testing program


Why KanDu Rides?

As a parent of two very active children involved in many extracurricular activities. I realized the need for a service that could help alleviate the stress of managing our busy schedules along with our kid's after school activities. 

KanDu Rides was created to give parents like myself the option of getting help either with just one ride when things come up, or help in a daily or weekly basis to help get our kids where they need to be.

Everything we believe and do at KanDu Rides is focused in providing parents with the sense of security and peace of mind that their children are getting where they need to be safely and on time!